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Nissan S15 – GT1 high performance coilovers

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Nissan S15 by TeamGTR / Kazama / PromodeShah S15
MeisterR Suspension has drastically improved the performance of my car. It went from being a really uncomfortable car to drive, to something that I enjoy and drive everyday. I would thoroughly recommend it.

How does it perform on the road?

“I am running the MeisterR GT1 suspension on the S15. I removed the HKS Pro spec drift suspension in favour of the MeisterR suspension. A lot of people follow big brands like TEIN or HKS, but they are designed for Japanese roads. MeisterR performs excellently on UK roads with spring rates to suit. I use the S15 everyday its firm but not uncomfortable. The ability to adjust ride height and rebound rate is important to me dependant on whether I’m using the car in anger on a drift day, or going to the shops. Jerrick and the MeisterR team have really produced something quite amazing.”

How does it perform on the track?

“The S15 effortlessly drifts primarily due to the excellent product MeisterR offers. I’ve had BDC drivers take the car for a spin and tell me the setup is the best they’ve ever driven. Its no wonder than championship cars run MeisterR and most of the cars in the British Drift Championship league tables all run MeisterR suspension.”

Value for money?

“MeisterR suspension is excellent value for money, the best upgrade I purchased for my S15”

Would you buy again?

“I have, currently own three sets, one on my R33 GTR, the set on my S15 and another on my Altezza”

Shah from London
Car Make and Model: Nissan Silvia S15
MeisterR Coilovers Model: GT1
Website: www.teamgtr.com

MeisterR R35 GTR 3.5″ (89mm) Prototype Exhaust System

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The R35 GTR is a very special car, but it lacks the noise that makes the driver feels that it is something special.
Therefore, we set out to create a unique exhaust system using the best quality material and method we know to give the GTR that special touch.

MeisterR R35 GTR Exhaust system is build entirely from T316 stainless steel (higher grade than the common T304 grade)
The 3.5″ (89mm) resonated Y-pipe and main-pipe split into four smaller runner.
The centre resonator are packed using the same high performance packing material that are used in Formula Ford race car, and are tuned to reduce droning so driving long distance remain pleasurable.
The exhaust system are designed so that the two inside pipe and two outside pipe are equal length on both side, and therefore will receive equal flow on both side of the exhaust system.

The exhaust system is then fully back purge TIG welded.
The back purging process create a weld at the inside and the outside of the pipe.
This make for smoother gas flow, and add strength to the overall structure.

Finally, as the MeisterR exhaust are hand build with pride right here in United Kingdom.
We will offer a LIFETIME warranty for the original purchaser.
What that mean is that will be the last exhaust you will ever need to buy for your R35 GTR.

MeisterR R32 GTR On-board Lap Silverstone Arena GP Track (Testing SRV Coilovers)

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A short video of a lap around the full Formula 1 Silverstone Arena GP Circuit in the MeisterR R32 GTR. Not the fastest lap time but it was a track-day so passing is straightly limited by consent.

It was a quick test to see how well the new SRV coilovers will respond to fast track work, and what better place to test than the full Formula 1 circuit at the “Home of the British Grand Prix.”

A drama free day with the SRV suspension working very well.
The SRV provided a comfortable 2 hours drive on the motorway to the circuit and stable dynamic at the limit on the track; even for an amateur driver like myself. 🙂

MeisterR MnM Engineering S15 Silvia at BDC Round 5

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A quick look at the qualifying run of the MnM Engineering S15 Silvia sponsored by MeisterR.

The S15 runs about 400bhp and 400ft/lb of torque.
Mods are MeisterR Zeta-R coilovers, CyberSpeeds Adjustable Arms, and a few other bits.

BIG Congratulation to the MnM Engineering Team and driver Michael Marshall for coming 1st in the Professional Class Championship in the 2011 British Drift Championship!

MeisterR SATS Cosworth JZA80 Supra at BDC Round 5

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A quick look at the qualifying run of the SATS Cosworth Supra sponsored by MeisterR.

The Supra runs with a HKS T51R Turbo and MeisterR Zeta-R coilovers, and was one of the top runner in the Super Professional Class of the 2011 British Drift Championship.

Congratulation to the SATS Cosworth Team and driver Mark Luney for finishing the season with a runner-up finish.

Great show to watch and Mark sure put out plenty of smoke for the crowd’s enjoyment!

MeisterR VTEC Challenge Integra DC2 R1 Silverstone Race Start

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MeisterR Sponsored Performance Autoworks H22 Integra DC2 running in Race 1 of the VTEC Challenge at Silverstone.
The DC2 Integra driven by Richard Voaden of Performance Autoworks defeated a field of other competitors including the Ex BTCC Spec EP3 Civic driven by Professional Driver Charlie Bulter-Henderson.

Great battle early on in the race and great run by Richard to the checkered flag.

This DC2 is equipped with the MeisterR Zeta-R Coilovers with minor springs rate change.

This is a great start to the season and we hope to see more podium finish by Richard and Performance Autoworks.