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Honda Civic EJ6 – Zeta S Coilover Review

By June 27, 2013Testimonials

RJF honda civic 01 SONY DSC

Great performance from the get go, they’ve been on the car for more than 2 years now and I’m still as happy with them as I was on the day I fitted them. Cope really well with the deteriorating UK roads, not bone-shakingly stiff (even on the harshest setting) or bouncy, unlike some other coilovers I have experienced. I’ve never been on a track, although I imagine they’d feel even better, without the potholes etc. Value wise, they’re spot on, no scene tax for being “JDM as phuck”.. If you’re after a set of coilovers that do what they say on the tin, look no further. I would recommend and buy them again if I had to!
P.S – Jerrick’s always been amazingly helpful with any questions I’ve had. Aftercare is second to none.

Rob Fairchild from West Sussex.
Car Make and Model: Honda Civic EJ6.
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-S.
Forum: www.civiclife.net.

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