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Honda Civic EJ9 – Zeta S suspension review

By February 21, 2014Testimonials
ramz007 honda civic ej9 01ramz007 honda civic ej9 02ramz007 honda civic ej9 03
” Not only did i receive good coilovers, i also was able to receive quick detailed advice from jerrick. The product sold itself, but to receive on the spot help it was great.”

Performance on road?

“Very good, at first they were preety bumpy but a little adjustment made them spot on. Easy to adjust, although at one point they did become preety stif but a bit of lithium grease and some muscle they were loose and easy to adjust. They were able to go preety low! I could barely get my foot under the front lip and they still had a few more inches to lower.”

Performance on Track?

“Did not use on track”

Value for money?

“Considering i had paid £500 for when they were on offer – id say they were cheap!”

Would I buy again?

“Yes for the price, i would purchase again.”

Ramz007 from London
Car Make and Model: Honda Civic EJ9
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-S
Forum: www.itr-dc5.com