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Honda Civic FD2 – Zeta R suspension review

By July 11, 2013Testimonials
lunar tick civic 01 lunar tick civic 02

Performance on Road?

“Superb. I live up in the N Pennies with fast moorland roads than are also (unfortunately) very bumpy and potholed. The Zeta Rs perform excellently, giving me far less torque steer, better traction, more steering precision and much more comfort than the previous coilovers (AST) I had previously and which also cost nearly 3 times as much! Also, they appear to be extremely robust and standing up the hard conditions very well.”

Performance on Track?

“During a recent trackday at Cadwell Park, they performed extremely well. Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to properly experiment with damping settings but even at softer settings, they produced great handling round the twisty circuit.”

Value for Money?

“Excellent – you won’t get better value for money”

Would you buy again?


Andy Lunar Tick from Cumbria
Car Make and Model: 2008 Honda Civic FD2
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-R
Forum: www.civinfo.com

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