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Honda Civic – Zeta S suspension review

By February 13, 2014Testimonials
NIKH25 civic mb6 02NIKH25 civic mb6 01
“A great set up, easy to install and setup with exceptional ride quality and handling.”

Performance on road?

“Fantastic, the amount of settings available mean I can run my car fairly low and still maintain a comfortable ride quality. The handling is so much better than standard, understeer and body roll are greatly reduced. I have had the zeta s’ on for around 9 months now and they are so much easier to live with on a daily basis than my previous upgraded shocks and lowering springs.”

Performance on Track?

“Untried as yet.”

Value for money?

“Initially seem expensive but when compared to other coilovers they are competitively priced and with the club group buy discount they were a definite bargain.”

Would I buy again?

“Yes, absolutely.”

Nick Howe from East Sussex
Car Make and Model: Honda Civic MB6
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-S
Forum: www.civic5.com