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Honda Integra DC2 – Zeta R suspension review

By July 11, 2013Testimonials
muzzle dc2 01
Would like to lower my car more and have same stiffness, what I want to say is I want a set of MeisterR Zeta-r super low”

Performance on Road?

“Really stiff suspension, after driving standard MB1 civic I couldn’t believe that on softest position these would be so stiff.”

Performance on Track?

“Superb suspension, car stands on the track like a kart with almost no body roll.”

Value for Money?

“Considering the price of this joy, they are really cheap as these coilovers work superb.”

Would you buy again?

“Hell yeah!

Mozeee from Vilnius, Lithuania.
Car Make and Model: Honda Integra.
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-R.
Forum: www.itr-dc2.com

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