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Honda S2000 – Zeta S suspension review

By February 13, 2014Testimonials
delta lima s2000 01delta lima s2000 02 delta lima s2000 08
“Really great coilvers, they come complete, incl tophats, bolt etc, after 1 year and 10k kms, they are still great and easy to ajust hight. No rust on the rings. Great color and coating. Still going strong!”

Performance on road?

“Soft or quite hard is still fine to daily drive them.”

Performance on Track?

“Haven’t been on the track yet.”

Value for money?

“worth the money! Like I said, they are complete (not like KW) easy to ajust, and not that extream hard like D2 sets.”

Would I buy again?


Daan aka Delta Lima from Amsterdam
Car Make and Model: Honda S2000 AP1
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-R
Forum: www.s2ki.com