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MX5, Starlet, Silvia, 180SX – Zeta S & Zeta R suspension review

By March 7, 2014Testimonials
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“seriously high end quality, I have never had any corrosion issues even after hard track usage and abuse, I have never had to even speak to meister r about any issues or faults.”

Performance on road?

“A nice hard ride, puts serious amounts of confidence when cornering at high speeds with no room for error..”

Performance on Track?

“Perfect performance, my personal taste is do have a slightly harder spring than what was offered in the mx5 however having the shock adjustment was enough to dial in the perfect set up.”

Value for money?

“They are a good purchase however I feel that there should be some kind of loyalty card”

Would I buy again?

“definitely if the price is right im actually talking with the meister r guys about my 5th set”

Yoshibits from Southampton
Car Make and Model: MX5, Silvia, 180SX, Starlet
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-S & Zeta-R
Forum: www.hampshirejapcars.co.uk