“MeisterR is different. We are not a big brand dealing in mass production, but a small technical suspension specialist with over 20 years’ experience of research, development, and winning races.”

MeisterR was founded in 2008; we identified a need in the aftermarket suspension world when we noted that most aftermarket suspension was not suitable for everyday road use. Today, we address that need by engineering high quality suspension, especially suited to maximise each car’s performance.

“Years of experience as enthusiasts in the tuning market mean MeisterR understand what other enthusiasts are looking for, and our products are engineered specifically to address those needs; at MeisterR, our ethos is to only sell what we will buy and use ourselves.”

We are committed to continual research and development in order to offer our customers the best performance possible. This research has enabled us to design suspension which provides a dynamic balance between comfort and performance for the European and American uneven road surfaces. We combine race-bred technology with bespoke damping specifications for great results; our suspension technologies are behind many podium-winning Track, Drift and Drag cars.

Redefining the world of suspension.

Our products are created with two goals in mind: precision and performance. To this end, each product is meticulously designed, tested and crafted to ensure that it delivers in quality and value, bringing optimised performance and balance, every time.

Our personal approach means that you will benefit from our expertise; via WhatsApp, messenger, email or phone; we are here to offer you advice and welcome you to the MeisterR family. If you’re not sure what you want, or if you want something custom, just let us know; we will help you to find the right suspension matched for your car.