Frequently Asked Questions

Why do only some models come with camber adjustable top mounts?

With MacPherson Strut suspension which can be found on vehicles such as; 200SX (Front), EVO (Front), WRX (All), etc, the strut connects the hub assembly directly to the chassis of the vehicle. No upper arms are used to control the movement of the hub. This design allows the camber and caster angle of the suspension to be adjusted from the top mount. MeisterR use top mounts with camber adjustment where applicable. Non adjustable pillowball top mounts are used on models where camber can only be controlled with adjustable suspension arms.

What is a Macpherson strut?

This is the most widely used front suspension system in cars of European origin. The system basically comprises of a coilover which pivots on a ball joint on the single, lower arm. At the top end there is a needle roller bearing on some more sophisticated systems. The strut itself is the load-bearing member in this assembly, with the coilover merely performing their duty as oppose to actually holding the car up. The steering gear is either connected directly to the lower shock absorber housing, or to an arm from the front or back of the spindle (in this case). When you steer, it physically twists the strut and shock absorber housing (and consequently the spring) to turn the wheel. Simple. The spring is seated in a special plate at the top of the assembly which allows this twisting to take place. If the spring or this plate are worn, you’ll get a loud ‘clonk’ on full lock as the spring frees up and jumps into place. This is sometimes confused for CV joint knock.

What are inverted dampers? Why do only some models use them?

With MacPherson Strut suspension, the damper takes on very high lateral load in multiple directions. Under extreme load, the piston rod can bend or even snap while using the conventional upright design. The inverted (Upside Down) damper design is much tougher and can handle more lateral force than the upright damper design. The inverted damper also benefits from having the heavy damper body on top and therefore reducing unsprung weight. Other suspension designs such as double-wishbone, multi-link, H-beam, etc., do not see the amount of lateral load experienced by the MacPherson Strut design, therefore the conventional upright damper setup works fine in those applications.

How low can my car go with the MeisterR coilovers?

The MeisterR coilovers have a wide range of height adjustment that will allow you to set your ride height from near stock height to slammed low on the ground.

What if MeisterR do not offer an application for my car?

It is difficult to offer an application for every car on the market. However, we are constantly developing new applications, so please check back from time to time to see if we have something for you. You can also E-mail us at [email protected] and let us know of your interest.

What is the MeisterR one year limited warranty?

MeisterR’s limited warranty covers for any manufacturing defect that could happen during production. Generally, the warranty will cover you as long as there is not physical damage from an external source. However, since each case is different, please E-mail us at [email protected] if you think have a defective part. For full details, please refer to the instruction manual.

What if I still have questions and I cannot find the answers anywhere?

If you are looking for more information regarding installation or adjustment of the MeisterR Coilovers, please download the instruction manual available online. Please feel free to contact us if further assistance is required.