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Honda Integra DC5 – Zeta R Coilover Review

By July 8, 2013Testimonials

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“I have been dealing with MeisterR for a good few years now, through my job, and through my personal car’s. The quality of their products is far superior to other similar items on the market, and this is talking from first hand experience.

MeisterR is a brilliant company, with great customer care, which you simply don’t get nowaday’s, not to mention, even better products!”

Performance on Road?

“for suspension that was developed for track car’s, they are pleasantly comfortable on the open road, even considering there is nothing in the car apart from bar’s!”

Performance on Track?

“I am yet to use these on track, but will be in the next month or so, so will update as soon as I do! I am sure I will not be disappointed!”

Value for Money?

“value for money, well, considering my car had Mugen Race spec coilover’s on before, and these are better! need I say more!?

Would you buy again?

“deffinately, without a doubt, and everyone should!”

Si Vti from UK
Car Make and Model: Honda Integra DC5.
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta R SuperRace.
Forum: www.civiclife.net.

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