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Toyota Glanza – Zeta R suspension review

By February 18, 2014Testimonials
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Performance on road?

“I have been running the coilovers for the past 18 Months now and cannot fault them, on the road they take the ride excellent. They’re not too harsh/stiff which allows the bumps on the road to be absorbed, keeping the tyres in contact with the ground to maintain grip.”

Performance on Track?

“Since having the coilovers, I have attended various track days and plan on competing in the Toyota Sprint Series for the 2014 season. I have found the coilovers to perform very well out on track. In conjunction with an updated rear anti-roll bar, the car now reacts as it should and holds a nice line through corners.”

Value for money?

“Considering the price of the coilovers in comparison to other brands available, the value for money is top notch.”

Would I buy again?

“I wouldn’t hesitate to run the coilovers again, the only thing I would plan on doing is running a slightly stiffer spring weight (available from MeisterR) as the car is now 90% track only car.”

Jamie Owen from Leicestershire
Car Make and Model: Toyota Glanza V
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-R
Forum: www.ukstarletowners.com